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The Cavalry & Guards Club, Piccadilly , London. June 2010.

“In addition, the Filed Marshals' Room has received a "lick of paint", and will shortly be furnished with some new leather chairs befitting a Gentlemans' Club.”

Mrs C.S. – February 2014

“We have had the Lansdown 2-seater, 3-seater and chair for many years. I can honestly say that they're the best pieces of furniture we've ever bought!”

Mr P.D. - Wilts. August '15

“Thank you so much for the restoration of the antique chairs. The results exceeded my expectations, which were always high given the quality of your chairs.”

Mr B.R. - Berlin. Nov '15

“All Good. Masterpiece. Thank you !”

Mr J. T. - Salisbury. November 2014.

“"We bought a couple of sofas from your Bath shop 15 years ago. They've been brilliant and, for the most part, have survived everything the cats and children have thrown at them !"”

Mrs M O’C. – Dublin, March 2013

“I LOVE my chair! It's even nicer than I thought it would be, it's so gorgeous and comfortable and the colour of the leather is perfect. Worth every penny.”

Mr S.T. – Canada, September 2013

“The pieces are almost finer than I could have imagined; your restoration of the chair is magnificent and the ottoman you made to match is superb. We shall enjoy the pair for many years to come. We commend your packers for their thoroughly competent efforts. There was not a scratch on the furniture and transit time from London to Calgary was 2 days. Quite amazing!"”

Mrs JM, Bath

“Brian is just bringing the sofa up the stairs as I write... the colour is superb ! Utterly gorgeous! I am DELIGHTED! You have been a joy to work with, answering my (many) queries and always cheery. I can't thank you enough. I look forward to decades of use and enjoyment from your beautiful work.”

Mrs NLV – Scotland, December 2012

“Thanks again for all your help, the sofas more than met my expectation and LCOB continue to be an excellent supplier of a superb British product supported by brilliant customer service. Keep it up!”

Mrs D S-E – Annecy, France, June 2012

“Gordon did indeed deliver our wonderful sofa dead on time... and thanks again - the sofa more than matches our expectations.”

Mr PJ – Glasgow, May 2012

“The sofa looks great, even better than expected and we are so pleased we went with a leap of faith and bought on recommendation/photos alone. The dog is banned from it at the moment as it is so lovely and new but she is gagging to get on and have a shuffle.”

Mr & Mrs S. – Northumberland, August 2011

“You provide a bespoke service for a fraction of the price most craftsman built chairs sell for. We love our chair - the colour is perfect, our ‘extra puffed’ seat begs to be sat upon, the craftsmanship is evident at a glance.  We know it will look superb for years and just get better with age.”

JM – Bucks, June 2011

“We bought a 3 seater and single 30s style brown leather sofa from you over 10 years ago along with a captains chair - all solid and beautiful as ever and we recommend you wherever we go”

Mr MM – Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

“Wing chair and stool arrived Thursday evening, 3/11/11 Both items are magnificent - better than anything I could have obtained here in Australia. Once again many thanks and cheers”

JT. Salisbury, Nov. '14

“We bought a couple of sofas from your Bath shop 15 years ago. They've been brilliant and, for the most part, have survived everything the cats and children have thrown at them!”

Mrs P.R. - Somerset. Nov '14

“"Good evening from the Duras chair! It's beautiful and very comfortable. Sitting here in front of the fire, the idea of winter approaching doesn't feel so bad...Thank you from two happy customers."”

Mrs E. T. - Oslo, Norway

“The chair arrived safely and I could not be happier. It fits very well and looks lovely.  I was also very happy with your delivery service.  The lads carried it all the way upstairs and were very friendly. Thanks again for all of your assistance and I will highly recommend you to my friends if they are looking for new furniture.”

Dr B.U. - Bochum, Germany, Jan '15

“"The chair has just arrived. Everything is OK. It is wonderful !"”

Mr S.M. - Australia. Jan '15

“Just wanted to let you know that our chairs finally arrived safely in Australia. We are absolutely ecstatic with them - perfect colour and bedding in very nicely already. Many thanks again for going to such great lengths to organise delivery and working to such a tight timeframe.”

Mr JC - E. Sussex, April 2015

“"We are delighted with the furniture - it looks amazing !"”

Mr S.H. - Arizona, U.S.A, September 2015

“"I've never sat in a kilim chair before but nonetheless feel confident saying these must be the best kilim chairs in the world !"”

Mr PD - Wilts. Sept. 2015

“"The results of the restoration of my antique chairs exceeded my expectations, which were always high given the quality of your chairs."”

Mr A.W. - Gloucestershire. December 2015

“It's always risky buying something unseen over the Internet from a company you don't know. Not only is my chair a thing of beauty but it arrived before Christmas as promised. Thank you. Added to this, my cool chair has even been to Glastonbury! Great doing business with you.”

Mr M.L. - Bath, March 2015.

“The sofas are better than we'd hoped !”

Mrs C.G. - Bath. March 2016.

“Thank you for our wonderful chair. We love it and it has pride of place in our living room!”

Mr MG - Surrey. April 2016

“The chair and stool arrived and they all match.  It has been really nice to use them again, and I have dozed off already.   It is unusual for a Company to pay so much attention to quality and detail these days, and your time and involvement in sorting this out satisfactorily is very much appreciated.    Please thank the craftsmen involved for me.”

Mr S.B. - New York, USA

“Thank you for your excellent care and attention throughout the process. I am sure the chairs will be the envy of our friends and visitors. I will certainly let them know where they came from and send any interested parties your way”

Mrs S K - Putney, London, July 2016

“After a weekend spent taming a newly acquired allotment we have greatly appreciated the new sofa and footstool, collapsing into a corner each, feet up good book and a large mug of tea. We have also found it perfect for after lunch power nap !”

Mrs DT - Arlington, Virginia USA. Dec '16

“I forgot to mention my brother referred us to you. I have enjoyed your beautifully crafted chairs many a time at his house, reading my nieces stories while sitting by the fire. So I am excited to have our very own chair with which we will create family memories. :) He also wanted me to pass along his thank you again for such great customer service and quality pieces   ”

Mr D.A.G. - Dubai, March 2017

“The Amsterdam Chair has arrived. Looks great in the room, very comfy, well worth the wait !”

Mr MM - London, March 2017

“The chair is gorgeous and very comfortable indeed.  Extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Mrs C.M. Worcs. May '17

“Great to see you and many thanks for the help and advice in choosing.  Your website is excellent and buying from your company was a no-brainer when we compared the alternatives. We are very pleased with the chairs - it’s great to see we can still produce such quality goods in this country.”

Mr GM - Warwick, June 2017

“The chairs are absolutely perfect, faultless quality.  Although it has been only a week and we are just beginning to settle into them, they are so comfortable and the aged look, colour and feel of the leather is exactly as we wished. The whole process of visiting you, selecting the chairs, sorting out the exact details, no hiccups or fuss, delivery as promised, made the whole process a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”

Mr RF - Somerset, July 2017

“We just wanted to say thank you for our gorgeous sofa; it really does exceed expectations. We really have been impressed by the service and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a quality leather sofa.”

Mr A.R. - Cornwall, October '17

“The chair looks great - amazing workmanship ! It's great to think there might be close to another 100 years in it !”

Mr TS - Sweden, December 2017

“The goods are here. You have made a fantastic work. The color is just right and the finish is superb. This evening like most coming evenings we will enjoy Their confortability and just the feeling sitting in  These wonderful chairs, hopefully with a warm glass Of Swedish glögg, Christmas toddy.”

Mr MR - Nuremberg, Germany, December 2017

“Thanks for your quick building the chair and speedy delivery, highly appreciated. I could imagine that we might do business again in the future, I know a lot of people in Germany who will ask me where this chair is coming from, once they see it. :-)  ”

Mrs C.H. - Maryland, USA. Feb '18

“Kyle reports that he is regularly pretending to be Bond, which we take to mean perhaps sitting in the new chair and brooding? Very lovely to have worked with you, and thank you again for extraordinary customer service.”

Mrs JD - Weimar, Germany. Feb '18

“Maybe I will bring you some more German clients, because we will be in a German group following the traces of the Romans in Great Britain.... and of course visiting the Roman Baths at Bath.... By the way: the women love my green chair most, the men love the brown wing chair and want to sit on it and have a single malt... Thank you for all your work and the many emails.”

Mrs A.T. - Charente, France - April 2018

“Just to let you know that we received the chairs just ahead of schedule yesterday and they are fantastic ,well worth the wait and I'm sure they will be with us for a very ,very long time . Thanks for all your help. No doubt I will visit the web site again ,perhaps when the sofas need replacing .”

Mrs V T - Wilen bei Wollerau, Switzerland

“The chair is so nice - very beautiful craftsmanship!”

Mr E J - The Hague, Netherlands, October 2018

“We are absolutely thrilled with the Chesterfield. Thanks so much. Here are some pictures in situ. I think it will be very happy in its new home!So thank you and best wishes and I am sure we will be in touch again.”

Mr DF - Cork, Rep. of Ireland November 2019

“My phone rang at 7am. Your delivery man was at the entrance gates. The chairs are now in situ. To say we are delighted is an understatement. They are fabulous. My wife is over the moon with delight. The whole transaction was seamless. It's a pleasure to do business with a professional company. We confirmed this purchase last Wednesday and here they are in our sitting room. I'm so happy for my wife as she has dreamed of these chairs for quite some time. I get my happiness from seeing her happy. Thank you for making this dream come true.  Best regards and thank you yet again. ”

Mr J.S. - Portsmouth, Dec. 2019

“I’ve been meaning to email you before now - just been manic !  Can I just say I am over the moon with the chair - absolutely love it! The quality and finish is superb !  Service and communication with you was excellent also.  Thanks again for a lovely chair. I have my eye on your Bond chair for the next addition !”

Mrs T.M. - Holland, May 2020

“We're so very much enjoying our Lansdowns, already 9 years passed since we bought the largest sofa, armchair and footstool. All in great condition still, even with kids around. Truly fantastic furniture.”

Mr J B - Bath, October 2020

“Quick e-mail - the chairs are wonderful. I spend so much time sitting in the snug. And the whole family seem to enjoy getting to use them when I’m not around too.   Many thanks - really pleased with them.”

Mr & Mrs D - Bristol, April 2021

“Many thanks for the wonderfully comfortable and beautiful Ibsen sofas..Absolutely blown away by the quality and finish of these beautiful chairs, they are something we know we will be comfortable with for a lifetime and they will only improve with age. We looked at so many different sofas and manufacturers, but we definitely made the right choice .....can't recommend your product and service highly enough,especially as it was during a difficult time for all ,many thanks and best wishes.”

Mr JS - Nottingham, June 2023

“I absolutely love my new chair! Thank you so much for making it, and for delivering it today. I’ve spent the evening transfixed by the beauty and the feel (and the smell) of it. It’s perfect ! I also hope you have many more successful years making stunning chairs such as this one. I’m so pleased I chose Leather Chairs of Bath. ”

Mr G M - Somerset, July 2023

“I just wanted to thank you for the delivery of our exceptional sofa. It is the perfect piece of furniture for the room that we have it in and we will enjoy it for a very long time and hopefully it will be kept by one of the grandchildren. !”

Lady FB - Cornwall

“I am thrilled with the beautiful chairs.  Thank you very much.  Forcing myself to get up and move to the kitchen to get my G & T and prepare supper !  Sheer delight on my behalf.”

Mrs B W - Kent, Nov '23

“We are delighted with our chair, the finish is very well done, the beading & the piping are very smart and we feel and the colour suits every room in the house! Thank you for making this extra firm for our requirements….much appreciated !”

Mrs SS - New Jersey, USA Jan 2024

“LOVE the chairs - they are beautiful and comfortable and exactly what we wanted!  Thank you.”

Mr C P - Zurich March '24

“Thanks again for all your help & for the beautiful chair. I couldn't be happier with it !  ('Spectre' Chair delivery)”

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