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J Foot & Son Ltd Antique Burlington Leather Chair

February '24 ...... now SOLD

Museum quality, fully restored, hand-dyed leather upholstered J Foot & Son 'Burlington' Chair, complete with the mahogany, detachable front table, drinks platform (or for an ash tray - see attached image of Evelyn Waugh !) and book support/reading desk. Lovely original and enormous J Foot & Son stamped castors. And ..... the first one we have ever seen ...... brass reading lamp ! The lamp has been rewired and PAT tested.

We have restored a few of these over the years but never one so original and complete.

It's very difficult to list the dimensions as the back of the chair reclines on a ratchet, operated by a chunky brass button lever, and the sides of the chair swing outwards on hinges, plus the chair is fitted with a 'gout stool' that slides from beneath the chair frame and is articulated to lean towards or away from the 'patient' ! 

The concept of the chair being suitable for a 'patient' ties in with the history of J Foot & Son who, although claiming that the 'Burlington' chair  " ... provides the the acme of physical comfort and luxury ...", also acknowledged the convalescent value of this ideal chair, " ...invaluable to the sick and wounded" as part of their advertising campaign in 1915, during the the Great War.

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