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Pair of 1920s/30s Oak Leg Club Chairs

This pair of early 20th Century Club Chairs will reupholster very well - our sort of project ! Leather would be the obvious reupholstery material, perhaps combined with new velvet cushions, and, more than likely, in a classic English tan.

They have very nice pale oak turned legs at the front. We can copy the upholstery style or make changes - button the back, for instance (see attached image of a very similar pair we restored a few years ago). We would highly recommend new feather/down inners for the seat cushions whether they be in leather or fabric.

Seat Depth : 64cms

Please email if you have any questions about what can be done.

Width 890 mm 35 in
Height 780 mm 31 in
Depth 760 mm 30 in

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