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Fully Restored & Reupholstered Early 20th Cent. French Moustache Chair

A classic 1920s/30s French 'Moustache' Chair, so-called because of the shape of the top of the back. Likewise, the 'Cigar' arms are typical of the style from this period.

French chairs from this era will often have spent several decades in a barn so we have to be careful with the condition of the frame and legs. But all internal springs, webbing etc have been replaced as part of the renewal/upcycling of this chair. All set for another hundred years !

And this chair is genuinely comfortable for the taller homme/femme with a 60cms deep seat. Many chairs from this period can be a little 'court' !

Seat height : 40cms

Seat depth : 60cms

Width 900 mm 35 in
Height 820 mm 32 in
Depth 950 mm 37 in

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