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Kilim Delivery From Anatolia

Posted on 21 Oct, 2022

Kilim Delivery From Anatolia

Last month we unwrapped three huge packages sent from Turkey.  It is always exciting going through the parcels sent from our Kurdish contact in the historic Sultanahmet district of ancient Istanbul, and we are never disappointed. Eighteen wonderful vintage Kilims arrived from across Asia Minor, handmade in places scattered across the Silk Route. The vegetable dyes and geometric motifs speaking of a tribal heritage that is still not understood by a non-expert eye but always beautiful to look at.  

We make careful decisions about how we use each Kilim - whether it will be better suited to upholster an antique Chesterfield or a pair of our Lansdown chairs.  It is also at this stage that a customer, interested in buying one of our Kilim pieces, is able to choose which rug they would like as the focal point on the furniture.  

These vintage Kilims are costly although, as we import directly, we can secure them at better prices.  However, anyone thinking that we can benefit from the deflated Turkish lira will be disappointed - these venerable items are sold in the very modern currency of US dollars!

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