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Howard & Morant

Posted on 12 Aug, 2022

Howard & Morant

The name Howard & Sons is familiar with those who admire well made, traditional English upholstery, but who has heard of Morant & Co, Upholsterers and Decorators of 91 New Bond Street?  

We first come across Morant Snr in the reign of George IV working as a maker of carved and gilded frames and his trade card describes the company as 'Ornamental Painter & Paper Hanging Manufacturer to their Royal Highnesses'.  In 1840, a Royal Warrant was granted, and the company had a prominent space displaying their furniture at The Great Exhibition of 1851.  Throughout the 19th century they were recognised as one of England's most eminent cabinet makers, and around 1912 they formed a partnership with a young cabinet maker and decorator called Francis Lenygon.  As Lenygon & Morant, they continued to supply the British Royal Family, and were awarded Royal Warrants to Kings Edward VII, GeorgeV, Edward VIII and George VI.

They developed the business in New York supplying reproduction furniture, most notably for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and in 1935 took over the firm of Howard and Sons, moving to South Audley Street in 1954 where they advertised themselves as manufacturers of Howard Chairs and Sofas.  

Despite having numerous workshops in London, they rarely stamped their pieces, and so we were thrilled to discover that a pair of Throne Chairs we have in stock has the rare label of Morant & Co. stitched under the cushions.  We just wish we knew who this Coat of Arms belongs to !


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