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Denizli Kilim

Posted on 17 Feb, 2020

Denizli Kilim

This stunning kilim is slightly different from the designs we usually use and we were intrigued to find out a little more about it’s origin.  As with so much in Turkey, the roots are in ancient Greece. This diamond and zigzag design is from Denizli, adjacent to the ancient city of Laodicea on the Lycus, a tributary of the classical Meander - known, even then, for the manufacture of textiles.

Today, Denizli and the nearby town of Buldan continue to be well known for various textile products, including kilims manufactured on hand-and-foot operated family looms located in private houses.  This highly personal production process preserves the classic slit weave with symbolic designs featuring serrated central medallions and a bright vibrant palette – all clearly demonstrated here on our beautiful Lansdown chair upholstered in vintage kilim from Denizli.

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Below : A vintage Denizli Kilim Rug, and an image of the thermal Roman pool at Pamukkale, near Denizli in Turkey - like Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage SIte with natural hot springs.

Vintage Denizli Kilim RugPamukkale Thermal Roman Pool

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