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Bespoke Pair of Georgian Leather Wing Chairs

We have great flexibility with the manufacturing of our furniture. We make our chairs and sofas 'from the frame up', so making changes to the standard sizes is a relatively straight forward thing to do.

This is a pair of Georgian Wing Chairs 'bespoked' for customers who wanted to combine some upholstery and frame features, such as the Claw & Ball legs and leather colour, but didn't agree on the buttoning/tufting - and this lovely partial pairing is the result ! Throw in a 'tuckunder' stool and a 'Gibson' leather headrest, and both were happy !

PS The 'Gibson' head rest is named after local Bath Reverend, who suggested the idea to us many years ago. A lead counter weight is stitched in to a leather pouch at the end of a long 'tail' so that the pad can be adjusted to the sitter's head height preference !

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