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The Amsterdam Chair in Leather

A lovely traditional leather chair - used extensively in the Hotel du Vin and at the Bath Literary Festival and, of course, the basic model used for our 'Spectre' connection !


Curved, upright with thick cushion makes a good reading chair often used for living rooms, kitchens and offices.

Seat height 50 cm.

The second thumbnail shows a recent addition to the showroom floor - the Amsterdam Chair with a buttoned back. And another image shows a slightly smaller version of the Amsterdam Chair we can make approx. - 2"/5cm smaller in height, depth, and width - this one has brass castors, too ! And a foot stool, buttoned or unbuttoned, can be made to match.


Lit Fest 4 Tubsduvin_1.jpg

Width 850 mm 33 in
Height 840 mm 33 in
Depth 800 mm 31 in

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