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Original Victorian Leather Club Chair

It's very rare to find a Victorian Leather Club Chair in it's original condition. Mostly, chairs of this age have been reupholstered or destroyed. Fortunately, this one has been used to within an inch of total collapse, and then stored (in dry conditions) for many decades.

The benefit to LCB as restorers of such a characterful chair, is that we can copy every aspect of it's original condition, from the buttoning detail to the original colour (a classic antique green !) - still evident in the pleats where the leather has been protected from 120 years of use and daylight.

Yes - it will look 'new' when properly restored, but then another century of life will have been added to it's story ...... March '14 now SOLD

Width 1050 mm 41 in
Height 850 mm 33 in
Depth 1200 mm 47 in

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