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French Moustache Leather Chair

Becoming tricky to find - the classic combination of 'moustache' back and 'cigar' arms on this French leather chair from the 1930s. Typically, the leather body of the chair is combined with a velvet cushion; something that can be repeated if the new owner doesn't want a leather cushion to match the reupholstered chair, for as charming as it is in this condition, we will be stripping it down to the frame and reupholstering it using like-for-like deep coil springs, feathers in the new cushion, and using the same hand-dyeing techniques that would have prepared it for 90 years of patination !

A neat, petit size !


Width 900 mm 35 in
Height 740 mm 29 in
Depth 900 mm 35 in

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